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While the directive usage is fine, sometimes it’s useful having attributes based on permissions. For example, disabling a link cannot be done using directives. A better option would be an impure pipe permission, returning true/false like so:

<button [disabled]="'changeSomethingPermission' | ngxPermission">Change</button>

I understand this might not be the most elegant design, but it would fit easily to any attribute, even component input ones.

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Nosfistiscommented, Dec 29, 2019

I don’t really see a case where both are needed. In the original directives, I also find the case of both [ngxPermissionsExcept]="['ADMIN', 'JOHNY']" and [ngxPermissionsOnly]="['MANAGER']" weird; doesn’t it mean only 'MANAGER' can view that div?

If need be, one can combine the 2 pipes using:

<button [disabled]="('changeSomethingPermission' | ngxPermissionOnly) && ('changeSomethingElsePermission' | ngxPermissionExcept)">Change</button>

Then there is another idea of having the permissions as pipe argument:

<button [disabled]="permissionService.permissions$ | async | ngxPermission:'changeSomethingPermission'">Change</button>
denes16commented, Apr 6, 2022

Any news on this?. I can create a pr, but please let me know where i have to start.

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