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Promise and lazy routes...

See original GitHub issue

Amazing router! Congratulations!

Looking at yrv router (a good router!) we can see two ways of importing routes:

  <Route exact path="/promise" component={import('path/to/other-component.svelte')}/>
  <Route exact path="/lazy" component={() => import('path/to/another-component.svelte')}/>

The promise way I think is amazing because I can have a lot of routes and maybe I just need to load immediately just the one I need and after that in background start downloading others.

Can we do the same with tinro?

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:6 (6 by maintainers)

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AlexxNBcommented, Apr 23, 2020

Thanks =) I’ll look for a way of minimal implementation of this. Module size is priority.

AlexxNBcommented, Apr 28, 2020

Little change in Lazyloader.svelte: Replace {#await cmp()} by {#await cmp.then ? cmp : cmp()} and you will be able to use either import or functions as cmp property.

Just load imports in variables in root file if you want to do preloading. Then use this variables for cmp property. Or just use <Lazylaoder cmp={import('./Something.svelte')}/> and components will be downloaded when current component will be mounted.

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