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can't install on glitch+mLab

See original GitHub issue

Hi, Thank you very much, this project is a great idea!

There are errors when trying to install it on I changed localhost to the correct domain name, adapted to use mLab db and had to run next build in the console and it ran. Web page is showing at, but example and finalizing the test throw client errors in the console, it’s related to the db since the results collection is not created. For example: {name: “Internal Server Error.”, message: “500 - Internal Server Error.”, statusCode: 500}

SW registered:  
ServiceWorkerRegistration {scope: "", updateViaCache: "imports", active: ServiceWorker, installing: null, navigationPreload: NavigationPreloadManager, …}
active: ServiceWorker {scriptURL: "", state: "activated", onerror: null, onstatechange: null}
installing: null
navigationPreload: NavigationPreloadManager {}
onupdatefound: null
paymentManager: PaymentManager {instruments: PaymentInstruments, userHint: ""}
pushManager: PushManager {}
scope: ""
sync: SyncManager {}
updateViaCache: "imports"
waiting: null
__proto__: ServiceWorkerRegistration

You can see more errors if you test it directly at AFAIK, there are no error in the server console though!/alheimsins-bigfive-web If you can’t access the server, tell me your glitch username and I’ll grant you write access.

I tried with but I don’t get why it can’t see the now.json in my repo at project creation and from the local CLI I get something weird:

PS E:\bigfive-web> .\now-win.exe secrets add b5-db-connection ""
> Error! The secret name "b5-db-connection" already exists for this user
PS E:\bigfive-web> .\now-win.exe
> WARN! You are using an old version of the Now Platform. More:
> Deploying E:\bigfive-web under zeitco14
> Error! No secret found by uid or name "b5_db_connection"
> More details:

Frankly, glitch is far easier, all I need, I think, is to figure out is the db connection. Thanks for your help.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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j2lcommented, Apr 5, 2019

Haaa, “-” vs “_”, I didn’t see it! I followed your glitch way and had no server error and the example page working!

So, I tested the same process with my db but next build didn’t created the results collection and running the web server throws the error:

Error: timeout of 8000ms exceeded
    at e.exports (showResult.js:1)
    at XMLHttpRequest.m.ontimeout (showResult.js:1)
(anonymous) @ main-aa2e1625697cbd4bcfc1.js:10
58a70606a835c400c8b38e84:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()
The FetchEvent for "" resulted in a network error response: an object that was not a Response was passed to respondWith().

So, it’s the collection creation that is not working somehow. I guess at the next build stage.

I also tried with now-win (“Welcome to now way” 😃 ) but got a glitch (ok, I stop with puns):

> Success! Secret b5_db_connection added (zeitco14) [561ms]
PS E:\bigfive-web> .\now-win.exe
> WARN! You are using an old version of the Now Platform. More:
> Deploying E:\bigfive-web under zeitco14
> Using project bigfive-web
> Error! You tried to create a Now 1.0 deployment. Please use Now 2.0 instead:

Sooo, back to square one.

BTW, I was surprised your credentials are working, I expected an error. So, I made a copy of the test collection on my mLab account. And now it’s working on glitch. It’s definitely a collection creation issue.

If I make the collection manually it works, so I’m fine.

maccybercommented, Apr 4, 2019

Thanks for a great guide and your interest @j2l.

About now try now-win.exe secrets add b5_db_connection "

With underscore instead of hyphen.

About glitch

.env file only gets read in dev environments.

Try to paste this directly in config.js in the project root.

module.exports = {
  JWT_SECRET: process.env.JWT_SECRET || 'Gibberish, jibberish, jibber-jabber and gobbledygook',
  DB_CONNECTION: process.env.DB_CONNECTION || '',
  DB_COLLECTION: process.env.DB_COLLECTION || 'test',
  URL: process.env.URL || ''

Then presumably next build

Try the database connection easily by navigate to

And look in the console for errors.

The test-database should contain the 58a70606a835c400c8b38e84 reference.

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