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How can I use #$save partly?

See original GitHub issue

Thank you for giving me a nice extension but I have a question about how to apply #$save in part of whole codes like below:

import Calculate
result1 = Calculate.diff(something)
result2 = Calculate.add(something)

# I want to start save from here

def largest_prime_factor(n):
    i = 2
    while i * i <= n:
        if n % i:
            i += 1
            n //= i
    return n

def another_heavy_function(n):
    return heavy_res

result_big = largest_prime_factor(8008514751439999)
result_big2 = another_heavy(13123213123)

# I want to stop save from here

other_excute_after_save = Calculate.sum(something)
other_excute_after_save = Calculate.partial(something) 
print("code end line")

I am so sorry if you have already guided it in your doc. but I can’t find. I can only see the case that stores from the start of codes to the #$save line

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  • Created 4 years ago
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Almenoncommented, Mar 22, 2020

I just released 1.0.22. It has a setting for idempotency called keepPreviousVars. If set to true AREPL will add onto the local state each run instead of clearing it and starting from fresh. This will let you write high-cost code that initializes a variable, comment out the high-cost code, but still have the variable to play around with 😃

Almenoncommented, Feb 23, 2020

I just released v1.0.21, arepl_store should work now 😃

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