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Likely memory leak

See original GitHub issue

Just did a release that swapped compression for "shrink-ray-current": "4.1.2", and this is the resulting memory (auto restart on a max memory limit drops it down)

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 9 48 58 AM

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bastifficommented, Feb 11, 2020

+1, any info about this or whether it’s going to be fixed?

drewwienscommented, Mar 23, 2022

Brotli support seems to be one of the main benefits of shrink-ray-current compared to the compression library. If anyone else is looking for dynamic brotli compression of Express responses but are worried about issues in shrink-ray-current issue tracker, compression-next seems to be an npm publish of the most promising PR for adding brotli support in the main compression library. In any case, it seems the only realistic options right now for dynamic brotli compression of Express responses are shrink-ray-current and compression-next.

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