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Wrong current value on graph or table but correct in query inspector

See original GitHub issue

Hello, My case is really specific but hope that someone could help me.

So in short, i have materialized view with summary information on amount of mailed users of my service. Example: Selection_086

As i need optional aggregation (by day, week, month, year) - i’m generating timeseries this way:

(intDiv(toUInt32(toStartOfDay(send_time)), 1200) * 1200) * 1000                 AS period_day,
(intDiv(toUInt32(toStartOfDay(toStartOfWeek(send_time))), 1200) * 1200) * 1000  AS period_week,
(intDiv(toUInt32(toStartOfDay(toStartOfMonth(send_time))), 1200) * 1200) * 1000 AS period_month,
(intDiv(toUInt32(toStartOfDay(toStartOfYear(send_time))), 1200) * 1200) * 1000  AS period_year

Here is example of query:

        multiIf('$period_of_aggregation' = 'week', period_week, '$period_of_aggregation' = 'month', period_month,
            '$period_of_aggregation' = 'year', period_year, period_day) as t,
      sum(sent) as sent
    FROM dc.mails_aggregated
        AND status = 'sent'
        AND dispatch_type in ($dispatch_type)
        AND domain in ($domains)
    GROUP BY t
    ORDER BY t

Issue: point of graph (or line in table) for current day differs value, returned by query inspector if picked timerange is more than 7days, if it’s 7days or less - value is correct.

Example: Table: Selection_087


If i pick time range 7 days - value for current day becomes correct (105.24 K)

Same behavior is for graph representation.

I tried this on different grafana and CH-plugin versions, including latest. I’m ablre to reproduce this everywhere.

I will be grateful for your thoughts and advice.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:6

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Slachcommented, May 11, 2020

value for last N datapoint in time series format extrapolated it’s described on FAQ maybe this behavior should be optional

kirikcommented, May 11, 2020

Thank you @Slach for explanation! And yes I think too that this behavior should be optional (or off by default) because it produce wrong numbers.

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