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how to filter if filter as OR across two or more fields for same model?

See original GitHub issue

Let’s say I want to run a filter like this

User.objects.filter(Q(username="admin") | Q(first_name="test"))

I understand drest does not support this in the end point.

How can I modify so as to allow something like this in the endpoint? I am okay to make a PR for this. I just want to get some guidance so I can conform to drest architecture

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  • Created 5 years ago
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ryochijicommented, Nov 6, 2018

I think this is tricky to do at the framework level, since we’ll need to update the query syntax to include grouping (e.g. to support queries like (A | B) & C). My suggestion is to override ViewSet.filter_queryset() and use custom query params:

class UserViewSet(...):
    def filter_queryset(self, queryset):
        queryset = super(FooViewSet, self).filter_queryset(queryset)
        admin = self.request.GET.get('admin')
        first_name = self.request.GET.get('first_name')
        if admin and first_name:
            queryset.filter(Q(admin=admin) | Q(first_name=first_name))
        return queryset
denny64commented, Dec 9, 2018

@ryochiji Do you know if dynamic-rest will work with django-filters to solve this issue? I haven’t been able to get them to play nicely together

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