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Swipe does not work for all items in the listview. ConverterParameter has something to do with that

See original GitHub issue

Hello, this is an incredible library.

While trying it out in my project I’ve found out that the converterParameter on widthRequest for the [context].View has a bit impact on the functionality of the swiping.

I’ve copied the code from your MenuFitWidthConverter.cs class in my project because it was throwing an error.

I am using Xamarin.Forms

I’ve copied your example from but i can see that some of my items in my listview do not swipe. The ones that are “stuck” it appears that they have a smaller height than the rest that are working.

Thank you in advance.

Please see gif attached and my code: swipe_to_remove

<ListView ItemsSource="{Binding Notifications}"
        RefreshCommand="{Binding RefreshNotificationsCommand}"
        IsRefreshing="{Binding IsLoading}"
            <!--Swipe to delete-->
            <context:SwipeActionContextHolder MovedCommand="{Binding MarkAsReadCommand}">
               <context:SwipeActionContextMenuView ForceCloseCommand="{Binding ForceCloseCommand}">
                     <Frame BackgroundColor="#512DA8"
                           WidthRequest="{Binding Source={x:Reference NotificationItemsView}, 
                                       Converter={StaticResource MenuFitWidthConverter}, 
                        <StackLayout Orientation="Horizontal" 
                           <Label Text="Text text , blah blah" />

                        <Frame Margin="15, 5"
                           <StackLayout Padding="10, 0"
                                     Margin="0, 5"
                              <Label Text="Dismiss"

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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:5 (3 by maintainers)

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pantelisGeo90commented, Nov 26, 2019

@AndreiMisiukevich Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately I can’t use CollectionView because i am using Xamarin.Forms 3.4 and i think the collectionView was introduced in version 4. (i can’t update because the behaviour of my app breaks as soon as i update to a higher version of xamarin.forms, something to do with the carousel, i’ll either have to use a different carousel or stay at this version) I’ll stick with the RepeaterView for now (Xamarin.CustomControls.RepeaterView) and update this comment when i’ll have some more details regarding this. Thanks 👍

AndreiMisiukevichcommented, Nov 26, 2019

closing for now

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