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passing initial data to a formset, doesn't show data_changed as true / does not save data

See original GitHub issue

Not sure if this is a deeper problem with Django ModelForms, or just this package.

If I have a ModelFormSetView, to add Persons objects to a Trip object. I want to add some initial data to the forms, default names for each person, “Person 1”, “Person 2” etc.

class AddPersonsFormSetView(ModelFormSetView):
    model = Person
    template_name = 'AddPersons.html'
    extra = 1
    success_url = '/trip/%s/expense/add/'

     def get_formset_kwargs(self):
         kwargs = super(AddPersonsFormSetView, self).get_formset_kwargs()
         num_persons = self.kwargs['num_persons']

         ## inital data will give the name Person <increment> 
         initial = [ 
             { 'name' : "Person %s" % i , 'trip' : self.kwargs['trip_id'] }  for i in range( 1, int(num_persons)+ 1)

         kwargs.update({'initial': initial })
         return kwargs

Now if I change the values in the form, it saves correctly. If I leave the default values as they are, the PersonForm generated by the factory does not see the data_changed() as True, so doesn’t save anything.

I can work around this by creating the form, overriding the has_changed method, and specifying it in the get_factory_kwargs() method of the AddPersonFormSetView but this isn’t an obvious solution until you step through the code. It doesn’t not feel seem correct behaviour to ignore default values.

class PersonForm(ModelForm):
    class Meta:

    def has_changed(self):
        Overriding this, as the initial data passed to the form does not get noticed, 
        and so does not get saved, unless it actually changes
        changed_data = super(ModelForm, self).has_changed()
        return bool(self.initial or changed_data)

class AddPersonsFormSetView(ModelFormSetView):
    def get_factory_kwargs(self):
        kwargs = super(AddPersonsFormSetView, self).get_factory_kwargs()
        kwargs['form'] = PersonForm
        return kwargs

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  • Created 9 years ago
  • Comments:8

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jonashaagcommented, Oct 2, 2015

Happened to me too. The correct way to fix this is to not pass the initial argument to the form in case we’re binding the form (POST).

jonashaagcommented, Nov 16, 2018


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