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Importing component display error on different set up

See original GitHub issue
  1. What version of RJEA are you using (react-json-editor-ajrm version)? 2.5.2
  2. What operating system and processor architecture are you using? Windows 10
  3. What did you do? Import component according to instructions.
  4. What did you expect to see? No errors on import.
  5. What did you see instead?

This errors occurs for either normal or es import. I am using a different working setup (than the one provided in this repo). The setup I am using includes webpack 3 and babel 6.


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  • Created 5 years ago
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PatrickSachscommented, Aug 9, 2018

I still need to wrap my head around what these babel plugins are / how they work. If we add @babel/runtime as dependency for project, is it required for other developers to use babel 7?

No. @babel/runtime is probably a confusing name as it does indeed suggest otherwise. It essentially contains the polyfills that babel injects into our code. It contains lots of small, runtime/bundler/transpiler/etc… independent es5 modules that polyfill one functionality at a time.

Babel then adds imports to the polyfills of this module as we use the functions. For example, this is the code of @babel/runtime/helpers/getPrototypeOf.js:

function _getPrototypeOf(o) {
  module.exports = _getPrototypeOf = Object.setPrototypeOf ? Object.getPrototypeOf : function _getPrototypeOf(o) {
    return o.__proto__ || Object.getPrototypeOf(o);
  return _getPrototypeOf(o);

module.exports = _getPrototypeOf;

As seen above, it has babel in its name, but essentially its “just” a library of polyfills. It does not depend on babel being either used in the development or production environment in any way.

If we add these dependencies, we don’t need to bundle it, right?

Yes. We can however additionally do that if you want a single bundle.js(like react) that we can ship. I’ve never been a fan of bundle.js files for libraries, but opinions vary.

I’ll go ahead and create a PR for this. (See #38)

AndrewRedicancommented, Aug 9, 2018

@PatrickSachs, thanks for feedback!

This is an approach I hadn’t though about yet. I would require us to implement a general purpose parser/tokenizer/etc in our main component or we’d loose the point of modularization.

You are right.

I agree, this is why I suggested making @babel/runtime a dependency which would have achieved this. […]

I still need to wrap my head around what these babel plugins are / how they work. If we add @babel/runtime as dependency for project, is it required for other developers to use babel 7? If no, let’s go ahead and add it as dependency. 👍

I think shipping libraries as a bundle is a bad idea for reasons already discussed in PR #31 that moved away from the bundling, but it’s your call. […]

If we add these dependencies, we don’t need to bundle it, right?

Thanks again.

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