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no locale available in typescript, cannot be used

See original GitHub issue


"react-json-editor-ajrm": "^2.5.13",
"@types/react-json-editor-ajrm": "^2.5.1",


import React from 'react';
import JSONInput from 'react-json-editor-ajrm';
import locale from 'react-json-editor-ajrm/locale/en'; // this does not exist in typescript, compilation fails 

export interface Props {
    data: Record<string, unknown>;
    onSaveClick: () => void;

export default function Configs(p: Props): React.ReactElement<Props> {
    return (
            <JSONInput id="a_unique_id" placeholder={{}} theme={'darktheme'} locale={locale} height="550px" />

TS7016: Could not find a declaration file for module 'react-json-editor-ajrm/locale/en'. 

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dsalgadorcommented, Sep 16, 2021

Same problem here.

"react-json-editor-ajrm": "^2.5.13",
"@types/react-json-editor-ajrm": "^2.5.2",



I have found a workaround which consists on copying the constants in the path react-json-editor-ajrm/locale/XX.js, where XX are the available languages (de, en, es, …) and storing it in a constant variable which is then used as argument of the JSONInput component:

const locale = {
    format: "{reason} at line {line}",
    symbols: {
        colon: "colon",
        // :
        comma: "comma",
        // ,  ،  、
        semicolon: "semicolon",
        // ;
        slash: "slash",
        // /  relevant for comment syntax support
        backslash: "backslash",
        // \  relevant for escaping character
        brackets: {
            round: "round brackets",
            // ( )
            square: "square brackets",
            // [ ]
            curly: "curly brackets",
            // { }
            angle: "angle brackets", // < >
        period: "period",


Hope this helps to someonelse.

yoyoscommented, Jun 2, 2022

thanks for the trick dsalgador

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