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🐛 yaml.load is safe by default! Please stop using yaml.safeLoad!

See original GitHub issue

Hello there,

So I recently found an issue with the NPM package. Whenever I try to reinstall the module it goes all fine. When I run my code for the second time I keep getting an error from the node_modules\discord-giveaways\src\Constants.js file. The error has to do with the module js-yaml. For some reason I can’t find the code that’s giving me the errors in the GitHub repo, but I can find it in the installed module. The following code is giving me the error shown in attachments:

function loadFile(file) { return (myFile = yaml.safeLoad(fs.readFileSync(`${file}`, 'utf8'))) `}

js-yaml Doesn’t want to load the file because yaml.safeLoad is not supported anymore. The following code is a fix for the issue just I don’t know where to push it to. This fixes the issue and doesn’t remove any safety loading as yaml.load is safe by default

function loadFile(file) { return (myFile = yaml.load(fs.readFileSync(`${file}`, 'utf8'))) `}

I hope you can do anything with this issue/bug report

Attachments: Error Logs.txt Error Logs Trace-Warnings.txt

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  • Created 2 years ago
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GamingMinebloxcommented, Apr 6, 2021

When I use the following command it downloads the normal file for 10 seconds and then the weird command shows up again:

git pull && npm install Androz2091/discord-giveaways#develop && node index.js

if I keep that as the startup command it works, but it almost hits the CPU limit for my bot (50% of one core) when i start it up.

I’ll try to find the origin of the issue and try to fix it as this isn’t a bug with discord-giveaways

GamingMinebloxcommented, Apr 6, 2021

I have, it doesn’t download it on that (it was downloaded outside of docker)

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