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[input] Add example of using mat-error with parent formgroup validation

See original GitHub issue

Bug, feature request, or proposal: <mat-error> doesn’t show when I use an email maching validator for emails inputs.

What is the expected behavior? To display the error.

What is the current behavior? No error is displayed

What are the steps to reproduce?

Set a custom validator for check if two emails inputs are equals, like this :

private matchEmail(AC: AbstractControl) {
    return AC.get('mail').value === AC.get('mailconfirm').value ? null : { mailmismatch: true };

this.administratifForm ={
        mail: this.fb.control('', [Validators.required,]),
        mailconfirm: this.fb.control('', [Validators.required]),
    }, {
    validator: this.matchEmail,

The template :

    <input matInput placeholder="Vérification d'email" formControlName="mailconfirm">
    <mat-error *ngIf="administratifForm.get('mailconfirm').hasError('required')">
        Ce champ est requis
    <mat-error *ngIf="administratifForm.hasError('mailmismatch')">
        Les adresses mail ne correspondent pas

Which versions of Angular, Material, OS, TypeScript, browsers are affected? Angular 5.0.2, Material 5.0.0-rc0, MacOS Sierra, Firefox

Additional Information If i replace the <mat-error> tag by a <p> tag (or anything else), it’s work.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

kamokcommented, Jan 4, 2018

Ok, I’ve followed the stack post linked by @Jbz797, and here’s the TLDR version of that poorly written post.

  1. Add this class. You can add it to your current .ts, or import it from somewhere else. Doesn’t matter.
export class ParentErrorStateMatcher implements ErrorStateMatcher {
  isErrorState(control: FormControl | null, form: FormGroupDirective | NgForm | null): boolean {
      const isSubmitted = !!(form && form.submitted);
      const controlTouched = !!(control && (control.dirty || control.touched));
      const controlInvalid = !!(control && control.invalid);
      const parentInvalid = !!(control && control.parent && control.parent.invalid && (control.parent.dirty || control.parent.touched));

      return isSubmitted || (controlTouched && (controlInvalid || parentInvalid));
  1. Then, add [errorStateMatcher]="parentErrorStateMatcher" to the template input that needs the particular error. Add it to whichever mat-form-field needs to render that parent error. Eg, for passwords group with a password control and password_verify control, add it to password_verify’s input. Here’s mine.
  <input matInput formControlName="password_verify" placeholder="Verify Password" type="password" required [errorStateMatcher]="parentErrorStateMatcher">
  <mat-error *ngIf="register_password_verify.invalid">{{ getRegisterPasswordVerifyError() }}</mat-error>
  <mat-error *ngIf="register_password_group.invalid && !register_password_verify.pristine">{{ getRegisterPasswordGroupError() }}</mat-error>
  1. Now, the mat-error that belongs to the GROUP will be rendered. In the example above, it’s the last mat-error.

Thanks for this thread!

nhducseuitcommented, Jul 26, 2018

ErrorStateMatcher doesn’t work with custom MatFormFieldControl

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