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Allow serverless-webpack configuration options to pass through

See original GitHub issue

Currently, I need to set keepOutputDirectory: true for serverless-webpack, but I can’t. There should be a way to pass valid options through to serverless-webpack instead of shaming people for needing more than the defaults.

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david-l-rileycommented, Feb 24, 2020

That impression comes from the copy in

This plugin does not support customizing the Babel and Webpack configs, since serverless-webpack does a pretty good job with that.

But the problem is that if you want to do something outside of what’s explicitly exposed, you have to go and edit the source to add it to the webpack config (I suppose it could also be done with scripts, but that seems kinda gross).

I don’t think adding an option to overlay custom options would be really invalidating the purpose of the plugin. I think it does a great job setting default options! But there needs to be a way to inject/overlay custom options to the webpack config (not just custom options to serverless-webpack), or things like aliasing modules to quiet webpack warnings can’t be done. I suspect just loading an overlay file and doing an Object.assign() would do the trick, though I haven’t tested that; perhaps a PR would be the way to go here?

Apologies if that came across as combative, that’s not my intent; I think you’ve done a great job of really simplifying the process of building a usable Webpack serverless module (especially when it comes to including static assets, which is why I tried it out in the first place). Thank you for your hard and probably often thankless work on this very useful plugin.

jayaircommented, Feb 23, 2020

While we are definitely trending in the direction of adding most of the Webpack options, I’m not sure what’s giving the impression that we are refusing to expose all the options?

That said keepOutputDirectory is something we should add. I’m happy to accept PRs for this.

While we are on the subject, what other serverless-webpack options do we have left? Aside from the webpackConfig option; since altering that invalidates the purpose of this plugin.

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