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`analyzeBundle` flag

See original GitHub issue

Thank you for this amazing project!

I was wondering if there was any interest in adding a analyzeBundle flag, backed by the awesome webpack-bundle-analyzer plugin. Here are some use cases:

  • This would give us an indication of how large our bundle is.
  • What packages we are using and how much memory each package is taking up.
  • Answers to questions like: “Did we accidentally include aws-sdk in project dependencies?”

Part of me feels like this maybe out of scope of this project, but since we don’t have direct access to override the default webpack.config.js file, this seems like the best next step. Happy to brainstorm other ideas as well! I’m also happy to make a PR for this if necessary!

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  • Created 2 years ago
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jayaircommented, Apr 21, 2021

Thank you. Yeah option 2 makes more sense. I would prefer if we defaulted the path to something sensible so they don’t have to set it, unless they really wanted to. Could we put this into the .serverless or .webpack (I’m not sure if serverless-webpack still uses this) directory?

dror-weisscommented, Nov 3, 2021

@jayair, did you get a chance to review #269?

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