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Feature/Question: typescript support?

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Hi everybody.

Would it be possible, in near future, maybe in next minor/major version, to support Typescript? Something like an option typescript: true/false in serverless.yaml.

This would mean, at least, to install some extra packages (ts-loader, typescript) and tweak webpack.config.js depending on that option.


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gndeliacommented, Oct 15, 2019

this feature would be great. I would like to take a look, but I think I might have some time in the incoming weeks, not right now. So if anyone else is available, that would be great. Otherwise, maybe in november/december I might start taking a look (it would be useful for a project I am working with which uses this library)

Vadorequestcommented, Jul 25, 2019

I suggest you add a tag help-wanted then 😉

Here is our latest newborn project using TS, I guess it can be used for inspiration:

What’s important to know is that you use the tsc binary to compile from TS to ES5. By convention we use the src folder for sources, and lib folder for build, the lib folder is what’s released on NPM (ES5 compatible).

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