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Make term-img easier to unit test

See original GitHub issue

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I’m having trouble actually using term-img when running unit tests, because term_img.exceptions.InvalidSize is raised when TermImage is initialized.

Describe the solution you’d like

I’m not sure what’s best here, but one quick solution would be add check_width and check_height args to TermImage, so that they can be passed to set_size here

Overall, I’m also wondering if the size shouldn’t be validated at __init__? Might be more appropriate to evaluate at draw() time only.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

I could just mock get_terminal_size to give me the size I’m trying to emulate in my tests as a fallback, but wondering if the library itself could use some way to control this.

Additional context

Just wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed using this library, and want to make it the default image renderer in a cli I’m working on. Appreciate the work here!

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

paw-lucommented, Mar 7, 2022

I guess they might be be useful for your project.

You’d be right.

Really looking forward to seeing this developing. Will be following closely. Of course, no rush! Really happy already with how the renders turned out.

you can control the alignment (amongst other things)

Yeah I saw that! I don’t see this leveraged a lot so I thought this was an interesting API design!

AnonymouX47commented, Mar 7, 2022

I noticed you’re using str(block_image), you can control the alignment (amongst other things) using any string formatting method with the TermImage instance e.g


to always have the images centered within the available space i.e (max_width, max_height).

See here for more.

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