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403 Responses with CAPTCHA

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I’m scraping through a Tor connection. But every request if its either get_tokens() or get() returns a 403 page with CAPTCHA. When I browse to the site through a Tor browser I get right to the site without any CAPTCHA or 403.

My question is: how can I debug cfscrape in order to better understand what is going wrong?

My minimal functional code looks like:

`import cfscrape

proxies = { “http”: “socks5h://localhost:9050”, “https”: “socks5h://localhost:9050” }

url = “omitted” tokens, user_agent = cfscrape.get_tokens(url, proxies=proxies) print(tokens)`

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quancorecommented, Feb 28, 2019

There are several issues currently open for this problem. In my case, the server also returns captcha but in reality, it is not. Waiting for maintainers to handle if possible and feasible.

CalmLogarithmcommented, Mar 13, 2019

@pro-src The requests library version is 2.21.0.

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