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onSuccess doesn't get called.

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OS and Version?

Windows 10.


 _                      _                 ____ _     ___
/ \   _ __   __ _ _   _| | __ _ _ __     / ___| |   |_ _|

/ △ \ | '_ \ / | | | | |/ _ | '__| | | | | | | / ___ | | | | (| | || | | (| | | | || | | | // __| ||_, |_,||_,|| _||| |___/

Angular CLI: 7.1.3 Node: 8.11.1 OS: win32 ia32 Angular: 7.1.3 … animations, cli, common, compiler, compiler-cli, core, forms … http, language-service, platform-browser … platform-browser-dynamic, platform-server, router

Package Version

@angular-devkit/architect 0.11.3 @angular-devkit/build-angular 0.11.3 @angular-devkit/build-optimizer 0.11.3 @angular-devkit/build-webpack 0.11.3 @angular-devkit/core 7.1.3 @angular-devkit/schematics 7.1.3 @angular/cdk 7.1.1 @angular/fire 5.1.1 @angular/flex-layout 7.0.0-beta.19 @angular/material 7.1.1 @ngtools/webpack 7.1.3 @schematics/angular 7.1.3 @schematics/update 0.11.3 rxjs 6.3.3 typescript 3.1.6 webpack 4.23.1

Repro steps

<ngx-auth-firebaseui *ngIf=“thisUser==null” [guestEnabled]=“false” (onSuccess)=“printUser($event)” (onError)=“printError($event)”> </ngx-auth-firebaseui> <ngx-auth-firebaseui-user *ngIf=“thisUser”></ngx-auth-firebaseui-user>

Desired functionality

I would like to see that the onSuccess gets called.

Mention any other details that might be useful

onSuccess doesn’t get called. On the above sample, onSuccess does nothing and onError will send the error object 2 more times to the console. So without the above onError call, error event will show TWICE and WITH the onError call it will show FOUR TIMES on each unsuccessful login attempt.

Please note: this is not the same issue as #138 ‘Progress bar doesn’t stop and onSuccess doesn’t work’, because in my case the progress-bar does stop. Also, the firebase User object gets updated after a successful login.

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:6 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Avrohomcommented, Dec 13, 2018

Seems that after adding the toastMessageOnAuthSuccess: false or even true option solves this problem. Basically, one needs to specify the config parameter when initializing the component.

Now onSuccess gets indeed called.

Looks like the line if (this.config.toastMessageOnAuthSuccess) { inside src/module/services/auth-process.service.ts:211 is malfunctioning if the config parameter is not specified.

sanjay-k7rcommented, May 31, 2019

Hi Anthony,

Sorry, I had to reopen this as I face the same issue with v2.7.2. OnSuccess not called. Tried the workaround above…but did not help either.

New ticket is #257


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