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Error `requireUncached is not defined`

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

When switching a working example from require(...) to requireUncached(...) I get this error:

ReferenceError: requireUncached is not defined
    at Object.action (/Users/.../http/.httpyac.js:31:20)
    at be.trigger (/Users/.../http/node_modules/httpyac/dist/index.js:1:3409)
    at async ie (/Users/.../http/node_modules/httpyac/dist/index.js:1:14784)
    at async $e.trigger (/Users/.../http/node_modules/httpyac/dist/index.js:1:3392)
    at async we (/Users/.../http/node_modules/httpyac/dist/index.js:1:21944)
    at async Va (/Users/.../http/node_modules/httpyac/dist/index.js:115:19709)
    at async Qt (/Users/.../http/node_modules/httpyac/dist/index.js:115:19085)
    at async Object.Ja (/Users/.../http/node_modules/httpyac/dist/index.js:139:3468)
ExecuteHook: httpClient failed

Both on CLI and VS-Code plugin, node version v17.0.1

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:5 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

AnWebercommented, Dec 11, 2021

I think for the ticket there is nothing more to do currently. I will probably throw out requireUncached with the next major release.

AnWebercommented, Nov 28, 2021

requireUncached is not needed while using cli. The require cache is only in memory and does not survive a restart of the app. Does not fix the bug, but it should be not your initial problem. Try using Javascript Debugger Terminal in VSCode with the httpyac cli. You could debug the .httpyac.js and all requires code.

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