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Problem with global auth token in IntelliJ context

See original GitHub issue


The IntelliJ HTTP Client plugin keeps env parameters between runs. httpyac doesn’t it seems?

We have a setup in our structure where we have a login job setup:

### User Login
POST {{auth0_base_url}}/oauth/token
Content-Type: application/json

 "client_id": "{{user_auth_client_id}}",
 "client_secret": "{{user_auth_client_secret}}",
 "grant_type": "",
 "username": "{{user_auth_username}}",
 "password": "{{user_auth_password}}",
 "audience": "an/audience",
 "realm": "Username-Password-Authentication",
 "scope": "openid"
> ./login.js

with a script like this:

client.test('Token retrieved successfully', function () {
  client.assert(response.status === 200, 'Response status is not 200')
  var access = response.body.access_token
  if (access) {'user_access_token', access)

This user_access_token is stored globally in the IntelliJ plugin in a way where this env parameter is available to requests that are executed later.

So, If I run:

### List companies
GET {{my_base_url}}/api/companies
Authorization: Bearer {{user_access_token}}

it will work just fine. But If I do this in httpyac, I get the error:

...ReferenceError: user_access_token is not defined at Object.userJS...

So, my questions are:

  • Is this intended behaviour?
  • Do you have a suggestions on how I could solve this scenario for httpyac, without breaking this logic within IntelliJ?

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  • Created 2 years ago
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AnWebercommented, Apr 26, 2021

the --interactive fix is not needed in VS Code plugin. The intellij variables are cached as long as my extension is active and therefore it should just work there now. Prerequisite is the version 2.5.0

lazeecommented, Apr 26, 2021

AND: Thank you for sharing this tool with us! It is so cool and a great timesaver… 😃

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