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Autocorrect: Replace a typed word with a pre-defined word after pressing space. ( "im" with "I'm")

See original GitHub issue


Type im and hit enter. It should ideally auto-correct to I'm, but it doesn’t. I’ve tried adding/linking the two words in the app’s and Android’s personal dictionaries, but it doesn’t help. Same with whats and what's. This little detail makes typing really slow.

Suggestion is to have a dictionary where you can link im to I’m. When you type im and hit SPACE, it should automatically convert it to I’m without having to manually reach the suggestion bar on the top.

Android 9. OnePlus 6T

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

appletalkcommented, Dec 12, 2019

This is a very frustrating issue. I cannot seem to train the keyboard to do otherwise. This occurs for many contractions in English. Id correcting to ID rather than I'd is incorrect and slows typing considerably.

JonnyHaystackcommented, Feb 21, 2020

Corrections like these should really be made default, but it would also be helpful to be able to create manual autocorrect mappings. I also have the issue that I type “Youre” and it autocorrects to “you’re”, thus incorrectly starting the sentence with a lower case.

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