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Doubts about rewrite of Esperanto language package

See original GitHub issue

Hi all! We’re planning to rewrite the Esperanto Language package (both layouts and dictionary) and we have some questions:

  1. How many layouts could we add? Esperanto speakers are through all around the world, so we plan to add the most common latin-layouts (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Colemak, Dvorak, Workman, Bepo…)

  2. Is it possible to add the emojis as a pop-up key? I think emoji’s android:code is "-10". Is there any list where we could see those codes? For Unicode/HTML codes isn’t a problem, as they’re very common

  3. For pop-up characters, is there any logic to determine which character (first, second, third…) will be exactly above the original key? Seems that sometimes is the first, other times the third…

  4. Is it possible to see the changes made on the layouts, with Android Studio or with other tool, before PR? Or will we have to wait for the publication for Android devices?

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  • Created 3 years ago
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mennycommented, Jun 17, 2020

emojis are quick-text addons. So, QUICK_TEXT will output the default emoji and QUICK_TEXT_POPUP will open the popup of all emojis

Porrumentziocommented, Jul 1, 2020

I’ll be posting my doubts here and it would be great to concrete more the to solve these doubts from the beginning.

2- Add the new modules to Gradle. settings.gradle. Specify where that file is: /AnySoftKeyboard/settings.gradle

2- Rename the package names (com.anysoftkeyboard.english.* -> com.anysoftkeyboard.klingon.*:

  • Specify that AndroidManifest.xml will be both on

    • /AnySoftKeyboard/addons/languages/klingon/apk/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml irudia AND

    • /AnySoftKeyboard/addons/languages/klingon/pack/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml irudia (Are those well? Do we have to change something else in those files?)

  • Move the PackBroadcastReceiver package to the right place. Where is the right place? addons/languages/klingon/pack/src/main/java/com/anysoftkeyboard/languagepack/klingon/

4.3- Add text files that will be parsed - word-counted - to generate word-list XMLs.

  • Where do we have to add those texts? Also in klingon/pack/dictionary/prebuilt? Or in klingon/pack/dictionary/inputs?
  • What type of files are supported? .txt, .htm… also .html?

11- Edit the keyboard layouts. Explainations say that in android:codes must be used unicode values:

“android:codes” : a comma separated unicode values of the keys.

But in fact those are not unicode values, but HTML-codes. See both here:

12- Edit klingon_keyboards.xml.

  • There are some parameters which point to @string/... but we’re not able to find that directory (having copied the /addons/languages/english.)
  • Is it mandatory to add physicalKeyboardMappingResId=?
  • Should we add True in defaultEnabled= to the layout we want to be default? If we don’t specify the others to False, will they be False anyway?

P.D.: I promise to complete the guide when I’ll have all clear

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