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feat: Prompt user to install missing required plugins

See original GitHub issue

Elevator pitch:

Prompt user when they do not have required plugins installed.


Users, especially after ape init in a fresh environment.

Design approach:

  • Make list of required project plugins accessible from ConfigManager
  • Prompt user after ape init to install them
Missing required plugins 'hardhat', 'alchemy', and 'tokens'. Install? [y/N]

Estimated completion date:

No estimate

Design review:

Do not signoff unless:

    1. agreed the tasks and design approach will achieve acceptance, and
    1. the work can be completed by one person within the SLA. Design reviewers should consider simpler approaches to achieve goals.

(Please leave a comment to sign off)

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:8 (8 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

fubuloubucommented, May 17, 2022

Worked with @Ninjagod1251 and made this into a Work Item based on my understanding of the request. Feel free to edit / adjust in order to get sign-off and have it meet your needs.

Looks good, although I would make sure it’s not too annoying with the requests. I think it’s okay to run this after ape init as a reminder, however it should not run every time you use the command line with a suggested plugin in ape-config.yaml

Ninjagod1251commented, Jul 11, 2022

This has been completed:

#       Usage example: `pipx install eth-ape[recommended-plugins]`
    "recommended-plugins": [
        "ape-alchemy",  # Alchemy public network provider
        "ape-ens",  # ENS converter
        "ape-etherscan",  # Etherscan explorer plugin
        "ape-foundry",  # Foundry local and fork network EVM provider
        "ape-hardhat",  # Hardhat local and fork network EVM provider
        "ape-infura",  # Infura public network provider
        "ape-ledger",  # Ledger Nano S/X hardware wallet
        "ape-solidity",  # Solidity compiler support
        "ape-template",  # Cookiecutter template support
        "ape-tokens",  # Tokenlists converter
        "ape-trezor",  # Trezor Model T/One hardware wallet
        "ape-vyper",  # Vyper compiler support],
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