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Sign: [y/N]: after first signed tx, this message doesn't react on N

See original GitHub issue

Environment information

  • OS: macOS
  • Python Version: x.x.x
  • ape and plugin versions: 0.2.1
$ ape --version

$ ape plugins list
ape-infura 0.2.0
ape-vyper 0.2.0
ape-etherscan 0.2.0
  • Contents of your ape-config.yaml (NOTE: do not post anything private like RPC urls or secrets!):
$ cat ape-config.yaml
contracts_folder: contracts

What went wrong?

Well, I use APE on testnet to generate a bunch of data for my web interface. With old version (I’m not sure what exactly version I have, maybe 1.5 or maybe 1.6) I ran with command ape run deploy_testing --network ethereum:rinkeby:infura I signed the first tx:

Sign:  [y/N]: y
Enter passphrase to unlock 'trader03' []: 
Leave 'trader03' unlocked? [y/N]: y

After that I just leave unlocked account and wait when script will done.

Well, I decided to rewrite some test from Brownie to APE and check how it will going. I installed ape-hardhat through PyCharm Python Interpreter. As I understood APE updated too automatically.

If the script has:

    owner = accounts.load("trader03")

I hasn’t any problems. But if delete these strings and continue to Sign Tx with hands when the next message appear:

Sign: [y/N]: 

it will react only positive, so if I type y,Y,n,N, or tap on ENTER, the result will be always Yes.

How to reproduce:


from ape import project
from ape import accounts

class InitToken(object):

    def load_accs(self, type):
        acc = accounts.load("trader03")

        if type > 0:

        return acc1

    def create_token(self, name, symbol, decimals, supply,  owner):
        token = owner.deploy(project.Token, name, symbol, decimals, supply)
        return token

    def token_approve(self, token, receiver, amount, sender):
        return token.approve(receiver, int(amount), sender=sender)

random_addr = 0xDf032Bc4B9dC2782Bb09352007D4C57B75160B15
### works fine with set_autosign
deploy = InitToken()

main_account = deploy.load_accs(1)
main_token = start_deploy.create_token("NAME", "SMBL", main_account)
deploy.token_approve(main_token, random_addr, 1e18, main_account)

### check Sing Tx without set_autosign and type N
deploy = InitToken()
main_account = deploy.load_accs(0)
main_token = start_deploy.create_token("NAME", "SMBL", main_account)
deploy.token_approve(main_token, random_addr, 1e18, main_account)
deploy.token_approve(main_token, random_addr, 1e18, main_account)
deploy.token_approve(main_token, random_addr, 1e18, main_account)

NOTE: First tx I signed and leave account open.

Sign:  [y/N]: y
Enter passphrase to unlock 'trader03' []: 
Leave 'trader03' unlocked? [y/N]: y

if account is locked, then everything works fine.

Please include information like:

  • what command you ran
  • the code that caused the failure (see this link for help with formatting code)
  • full output of the error you received

How can it be fixed?

Fill this in if you have ideas on how the bug could be fixed.

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:12 (7 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

unparalleled-jscommented, May 3, 2022

I was able to reproduce!

SwapOperatorcommented, May 3, 2022

@SwapOperator if you could please add more context that will help unblock us!

sorry I was busy these days. @unparalleled-js I made the small video 😃

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