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Inline dereferencing and fragments

See original GitHub issue

json-schema-ref-parser appears to not support a portion of the JSON Schema spec regarding inline dereferencing (see

Reproducer: ` var test = { “id”: “”, “not”: { “$ref”: “#inner” }, “definitions”: { “schema1”: { “id”: “#inner”, “type”: “boolean” } } };

deref.dereference(test, function(err, schema){ console.log(err, schema); }); `


"name": "SyntaxError", "message": "Invalid $ref pointer \"inner\". Pointers must begin with \"#/\"", "stack": "SyntaxError: Invalid $ref pointer \"inner\". Pointers must begin wit h \"#/\"

I understand that this is not a required part of the spec, however it is a SHOULD given that the implementation does support inline dereferencing in general.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

JamesMessingercommented, Aug 9, 2017

I intend to support inline references in the next version of JSON Schema $Ref Parser, which I have already begun working on. 👍

n1ywbcommented, Aug 2, 2017

Internal reference support is a should, however

All fragment identifiers that do not match the JSON Pointer syntax MUST be interpreted as plain name fragment identifiers.

The program crashes with an error on valid schemas because of lack of adherence to this clause. If it’s not going to support internal references, it should ignore them.

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Inline dereferencing and fragments. When using inline dereferencing, a resolution scope may lead to a URI which has a non empty fragment part...
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JSON Schema: core definitions and terminology (Internet-Draft, 2013)
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Definitions - react-jsonschema-form documentation
This library partially supports inline schema definition dereferencing, which is Barbarian for avoiding to copy and paste commonly used field schemas:
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Malloc Recitation
Inline functions done at compile time ... The magic happens in dereferencing and arithmetic ... fragmentation (internal vs. external).
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In this case, consider the following code fragment: ... This is done by preceding the pointer name with the dereference operator (*).
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