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Feature Request: Adding the ability to include multiple api files to the command arguments

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Hi, currently the validate command can only validate one file. I currently work on a project that has multiple files I want to validate all of them. I could create a bash script that runs this command multiple times, but I think something like this would be awesome:

swagger-cli validate file1.yml file2.yml ... file3.yml

Not sure if this is feasible for the project, so feel free to give me feedback. I am willing to make a pull request to implement this.

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Toltarcommented, Jul 22, 2020

@rahulbreezo I like your suggestion. Might need to analyze how the code works first. I’m sure we both can work something out. So far, I see that we need to possibly do something on this line where we can get an array of file paths instead of a single file:

And also creating a function that loops through the files and call this:

Or simply modify the bundle file to accept an array of filenames/paths.

For a directory, we would have to somehow figure that out for it to know that it is a directory and that it needs to recursively look through said directory for the files. But with my feature request, I will have to do the same except, the specific file paths are known in this case. But good that you brought this up @rahulbreezo so I can think about your feature as well.

I suggest we focus on building the thing where it will loop through a set of files. I can already foresee creating an isolated function that is given an array of file paths, which is agnostic to where they come from.

If @rahulbreezo, you could build the part where it can get me an array of filepaths/files from a directory so that we can hook into this one function I am imagining that would be great. We can possibly do this in around ~3ish small PRs.

JamesMessingercommented, Jul 18, 2020

I think that’s a great idea! If you’re able to submit a PR, I’d be happy to review it.

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