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JSON Schema validation error when submitting a form with a date field

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

Hi! I have a swagger file that looks like this:

      summary: Submit a purchase
      description: |
        Purchase form
        - application/json
        - name: body
          in: body
          required: true
            $ref: '#/definitions/Booking'
          description: Purchase successful
            $ref: '#/definitions/Success'
    type: object
        type: integer
        format: int32
        type: string
        format: date

Note the date field that has a format date. When I submit a POST request to /purchases with a body that looks like this:

      "tour_id": 1,
      "date": "2017-08-11"

I get this error:

JSON Schema validation error. 
Data path: "date" 
Schema path: "/items/properties/date/type" 
Invalid type: object (expected string)
Invalid type: object (expected string)
    at ono (/client/node_modules/ono/lib/index.js:62:17)
    at parseParameter (/client/node_modules/swagger-express-middleware/lib/param-parser.js:148:11)
    at /client/node_modules/swagger-express-middleware/lib/param-parser.js:93:18

Error: JSON Schema validation error. 
Data path: "date" 
Schema path: "/items/properties/date/type" 
Invalid type: object (expected string)
    at ono (/client/node_modules/ono/lib/index.js:62:17)
    at jsonValidate (/client/node_modules/swagger-express-middleware/lib/helpers/json-schema.js:208:11)
    at parseArray (/client/node_modules/swagger-express-middleware/lib/helpers/json-schema.js:435:5)
    at JsonSchema.parse (/client/node_modules/swagger-express-middleware/lib/helpers/json-schema.js:89:14)
    at /client/node_modules/swagger-express-middleware/lib/helpers/json-schema.js:513:42

I assume that this library converts the date field to a date object, and passes it to the JSON schema validator, which expects it to be string.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

JamesMessingercommented, Jun 27, 2017

Ok, thanks for the clarification. I’ve updated my test code, and now I’m able to reproduce the bug. The problem boils down to this:

  1. The code successfully validates each object in the array
  2. It then converts the date strings to Date objects
  3. It then attempts to validate the array, but now the array is invalid because its objects don’t match the schema
quielacommented, Jun 25, 2019

I just ommited the date-time-format and pass strings. This is working for now. Not nice though.

Same issue, same not nice solution…

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