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Ref names are lost after parse

See original GitHub issue

After parse, the #ref from Definitions are resolved to its types, but their original names are lost.



The Pet definition has an attribute named category, which has a #ref to the Category definition, but the reference is lost after parsing (even though the fields are parsed correctly). Its type should be Category instead of object.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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ftheomunhozcommented, Mar 2, 2020

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like this should actually be implemented in the json-schema-ref-parser package, right? I was wondering if it should be handled in the dereference method, always adding a $ref property (even when it’s not a circular structure).

Around here (link).

ftheomunhozcommented, Feb 25, 2020

You are absolutely correct, I found out the difference after meddling a bit after opening the issue. Although I was wondering if, even after derreferencing, at least a link to the original structure should be kept.

What I was expecting is a way where the value for is Category. This way, I can derrefence the structure myself whenever needed, sincr I’m using the parser to dynamically generate API code.

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