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alt attribute on lazy-loaded <picture> tags

See original GitHub issue

For the sake of accessibility, it would be cleaner if lazy-loaded images using <picture>tags could “inherit” their altattribute from a data-X attribute on picture tag.

On our project we easily managed that by overloading the loadfunction of lozad (and using data-lazy-img-alt attribute). It could be nice if it could be default (a11y is important).

There can be two ways :

  • make this functionnality by default
  • write a documentation paragraph explaining how to overload the loadfunction.

Attempting to do a pull-request in this direction, I was confronted to the problem of test coverage (see #93)

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  • Created 6 years ago
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0gust1commented, Jun 15, 2018

@robots4life : I should have said override instead of overload 😃

Basically, you can easily customize the behavior of lozad, and use your own loading function (code from documentation) :

lozad('.lozad', {
    load: function(el) {
        console.log('loading element');

        // Custom implementation to load an element
        // e.g. el.src = el.getAttribute('data-src');

What we have done in our project : we made our own loading function, based on the default one of lozad :

// loading function definition 
function loadFun(el) {
  const isIE = document.documentMode;

  if (el.nodeName.toLowerCase() === 'picture') {
    const imgTag = document.createElement('img');

    //IE management
    if (isIE && el.getAttribute('data-iesrc')) {
      imgTag.src = el.getAttribute('data-iesrc');

    // apply alt attribute to the image if corresponding data attribute
    // is found on the <picture> tag
    if (el.getAttribute('data-lazy-img-alt')) {
      imgTag.alt = el.getAttribute('data-lazy-img-alt');

    // apply css class to the image if corresponding data attribute
    // is found on the <picture> tag
    if (el.getAttribute('data-lazy-img-class')) {
      imgTag.className = el.getAttribute('data-lazy-img-class'); // we use classname because the attribute could contain several classnames

    // NRT management
    if (el.getAttribute('data-tnr')) {
      imgTag.dataset = el.getAttribute('data-tnr');


  // <img> and <iframe> case
  if (el.getAttribute('data-src')) {
    el.src = el.getAttribute('data-src');

  // <img>
  if (el.getAttribute('data-srcset')) {
    el.srcset = el.getAttribute('data-srcset');

  // CSS background case
  if (el.getAttribute('data-background-image')) { = `url(${el.getAttribute(
// lozad initialisation
lozad('.js-lazy', {
    load: loadFun
ApoorvSaxenacommented, Jul 16, 2018

feature has been released in v1.5.0 of Lozad and added in README as well, thanks everyone for their contributions on this thread

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