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Empty locationResults

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Hi, Great package sir, I’m having an issue for displaying the autocomplete data provided from google API, I’ve followed all the steps in the readme file, I’ve created my API key and I’ve added it to the component. When I start typing the locationResults is always empty, I don’t understand is there a way to debug this to see if the problem is related to the API key or some issue in the library itself

<GoogleAutoComplete apiKey={Global.GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY} debounce={debounce} minLength={minLength}> {({ inputValue, handleTextChange, locationResults, fetchDetails, isSearching, }) => ( <React.Fragment> <Input value={inputValue} onChangeText={handleTextChange} placeholder={placeholder} style={inputStyle}/> {isSearching && <Spinner size='large'/>} <View style={styles.mainView}> <ScrollView style={styles.scrollViewStyle1} contentContainerStyle={styles.homeView}> <Text>data: {locationResults}</Text> {, i) => ( <LocationItem {...el} fetchDetails={fetchDetails} key={String(i)} /> ))} </ScrollView> </View> </React.Fragment> )} </GoogleAutoComplete>

screen shot 2018-09-10 at 2 56 11 am

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EQuimpercommented, Mar 24, 2020

@memartello I will make a new video about how to setup this

EQuimpercommented, Feb 22, 2019

perfect I will do this, I’m open to pr also if you want to make it @YeonwooSung 😃

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