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No hashes in boms

See original GitHub issue

Upgraded from 4.0.21 to 4.0.41 and the boms being produced do not have hashes included for the components. Sorry if I’ve missed something obvious. command used: cdxgen -t java -o bom.xml A sample of each output is below.

4.0.21 <component type="library" bom-ref="pkg:maven/p2.eclipse-plugin/org.apache.commons.jxpath@1.3.0.v200911051830?type=jar"> <group>p2.eclipse-plugin</group> <name>org.apache.commons.jxpath</name> <version>1.3.0.v200911051830</version> <scope>optional</scope> <hashes> <hash alg="MD5">dd4d333f38384e6570c3cdced36f1ba7</hash> <hash alg="SHA-1">7aba488947c98427d91318f885ccd99e3fcb0785</hash> <hash alg="SHA-256">0278be02a3027aadb3e37a15dd48c536bb27d7327ec9cee7700be19032c0eb98</hash> <hash alg="SHA-384">fdc1a7ea6af6cc177d136d2bcccff27ba2c044ea5d63ba2290b757b0351374303daab838b363bb7483284bd23a206371</hash> <hash alg="SHA-512">ff24dc78613083fefa3a6e3528ced4dc0b9fb4ac30a99fed4b90aa8ce85a3d90b064ddaa856de3630a7629944a9125b070aaaee2dc4deb35921d523007f71003</hash> </hashes> <purl>pkg:maven/p2.eclipse-plugin/org.apache.commons.jxpath@1.3.0.v200911051830?type=jar</purl> </component>

4.0.41: <component type="library" bom-ref="pkg:maven/p2.eclipse-plugin/org.apache.commons.jxpath@1.3.0.v200911051830"> <group>p2.eclipse-plugin</group> <name>org.apache.commons.jxpath</name> <version>1.3.0.v200911051830</version> <description/> <scope>optional</scope> <licenses/> <purl>pkg:maven/p2.eclipse-plugin/org.apache.commons.jxpath@1.3.0.v200911051830</purl> </component>

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  • Created a year ago
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prabhucommented, Nov 3, 2022

Thanks @reynoldsaltair . Please take the latest version which includes the fix.

reynoldsaltaircommented, Nov 3, 2022

Yep. Will let you know the result!

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