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Suggestion: Somehow warn when passing the `_key` attribute to `initValues`

See original GitHub issue

I just started to use this Python client for ArangoDB and - stupidly - stumbled into a pitfall. I wanted to set a custom key for my documents and set it via _key of the dictionary passed to initValues of createDocument. I understand that ArangoDB client should ignore all attributed starting with an underscore (because they are supposed to be used by Arango internally) so the behavior of ignoring the value I passed is probably intentional.

My solution was, to change this

json_data = {'foo': 'bar'}
json_data['_key'] = 'your_key'
doc = connection['your_database']['your_collection'].createDocument(initValues=json_data)

to this

json_data = {'foo': 'bar'}
doc = connection['your_database']['your_collection'].createDocument(initValues=json_data)
doc._key = 'your_key'

I would greatly have appreciated a warning in the first code snippet above though. Another option would of course be to make an exception for the dictionary entry _key and just set the value in the document. _key is somehow different from other internal properties since it occasionally is set manually.

What do you think?

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  • Created 5 years ago
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tariqdaoudacommented, Sep 26, 2018

My PhD defence is over. I am planning on releasing the current dev version tonight on pip!

larsborncommented, Sep 27, 2018

@tariqdaouda congratulations man! I hope everything went well and that you are happy with the results!! 😃

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