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URL returned is not formatted correctly

See original GitHub issue

I am trying to implement the electron release server and for now I am using docker compose to run it on my local machine.

here is my docker-compose.yml

version: '2'
    build: .
      APP_USERNAME: admin
      APP_PASSWORD: admin
      DB_HOST: db
      DB_PORT: 5432
      DB_USERNAME: releaseserver
      DB_NAME: releaseserver
      DB_PASSWORD: secret
      TOKEN_SECRET: change_me_in_production
      APP_URL: 'localhost:5000'
      - db
      - '5000:80'
    entrypoint: ./scripts/ db:5432 -- npm start
    image: postgres
      POSTGRES_USER: releaseserver

When I call the server endpoint http://localhost:5000/update/osx_64/0.0.1 I get json back, but the url in the response is not correct

  "url": "localhost:/download/0.0.2/osx_64?filetype=zip",
  "name": "0.0.2",
  "notes": "",
  "pub_date": "2017-05-10T23:12:52.000Z"

you will notice that the port is missing. So i added some debug to VersionController.js

sails.log.debug('Version candidate accepted');
sails.log.debug('appUrl '+sails.config.appUrl);
sails.log.debug(sails.config.appUrl + '/download/' + + '/' + latestVersion.assets[0].platform + '?filetype=zip');
              '/download/' + + '/' +
              latestVersion.assets[0].platform + '?filetype=zip'

and what I get back in the debug is

web_1  | debug: Version candidate accepted
web_1  | debug: appUrl localhost:5000
web_1  | debug: localhost:5000/download/0.0.2/osx_64?filetype=zip
web_1  | debug: localhost:/download/0.0.2/osx_64?filetype=zip

it looks like url.resolve() is removing the port. Is there any way to fix this?

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:6 (1 by maintainers)

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justechncommented, May 11, 2017

nevermind, I read this and changed my APP_URL to http://localhost:5000 and now it works. You should probably change your default yml to have the same

stale[bot]commented, Oct 7, 2019

This issue has been automatically marked as stale because it has not had recent activity. It will be closed if no further activity occurs. Thank you for your contributions.

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