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Method not call =(

ActivityA MyViewA PresenterA

ActivityB MyViewB PresenterB

  1. In ActivityA user click btn “Create new task”
  2. Open ActivityB, user do something and click btn “Save”
  3. PresenterB send event to PresenterA - new task was created
  4. PresenterA receive event and call getViewState().newTaskWasCreate()

Method not call =( because if (mViews == null || mViews.isEmpty()) { return; } mViews.isEmpty() - true

But if I use handler with delay it is work fine

MyViewA @StateStrategyType(SkipStrategy.class) void newTaskWasCreate(long taskId, long projectId, int fragmentPosition);

PreventerA @Subscribe(sticky = true) public void onEvent(MyTasksEvent.NewTaskWasCreate event){ getViewState().newTaskWasCreate(event.getTaskId(), event.getProjectId(), event.getFragmentPosition()); }

Generate ` @Override public void newTaskWasCreate(long taskId, long projectId, int fragmentPosition) { NewTaskWasCreateCommand newTaskWasCreateCommand = new NewTaskWasCreateCommand(taskId, projectId, fragmentPosition); mViewCommands.beforeApply(newTaskWasCreateCommand);

	if (mViews == null || mViews.isEmpty()) {

	for(MyTaskFragmentView view : mViews) {
		view.newTaskWasCreate(taskId, projectId, fragmentPosition);



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CherryPerrycommented, Jan 8, 2017

I wanna show snake bar and use AddToEndStrategy, when rotate screen, snake bar show again.


PavelDolbikcommented, Jan 8, 2017

Thanks for your answer! I do not know about this strategy.

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