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Lightzone cannot find native libraries LCJPEg and LCLENSFUN

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Hi there,

good to see that Lightzone development is going on! However, with version 4.24 I run into some issues. When I invoke Lightzone from xterm window, I get the following error messages:

**Couldn't link with native library: "LCJPEG**
/usr/libexec/lightzone/ /usr/lib64/ version `LIBJPEG_8.0' not found (required by /usr/libexec/lightzone/
**Couldn't link with native library: "LCLENSFUN**
/usr/libexec/lightzone/ Cannot open shared object file: File or directory not found

This is on Slackware Linux, stable version (15.0) with all patches and updates until today applied. I tried this with Lightzone 4.24. It looks very similar to the issue that seemed to be present only in MacOS and was fixed in version 4.25 (the Mac only release).

I’d greatly appreciate, if you could look into this and (hopefully) also fix it or provide some workaround. Thanks in advance!

Best regards


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F9Racecommented, Oct 18, 2022

@ktgw0316 Fantastic, THANKS A LOT in BIG letters! That was indeed it. I uninstalled the package, recursively removed /usr/libexec/lightzone/, re-installed the package generated with your SlackBuild script, and all is good! A fully localised (German, in my case) Lightzone starts up, and reads in the last directory with RAW images that I had been working with a previous version. No complaints about missing libraries. I can hardly express, how much I appreciate your support. You took a lot of effort, even installing my distro, finding out, how SlackBuild scripts work, writing one yourself, and helping me in using it correctly. I really appreciate that! So, this ticket can be closed, now, I guess. 😃

ktgw0316commented, Oct 17, 2022

Regarding the commands, I think all of them, except wget, should be executed as root, not just the last two.

You are right. 👍

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no DCRaw in java.library.path: /usr/libexec/lightzone

I guess you haven’t uninstalled your older lightzone package, which contains the /usr/libexec/lightzone/, before you installed newer package. If that directory exists, correct libraries under /usr/lib64/lightzone/ cannot be found. cf. /usr/bin/lightzone (line 26-32).

Now, JAI and FASTJAI are indeed not installed in my system, just because I don’t know which Slackware packages are needed.

You need not install any additional packages, since there already exist,, libFASTJAI, etc. in /usr/lib64/lightzone/.

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