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setting selectedOption for options as an object

See original GitHub issue

Using segmented controls for options as value pairs i cant get the selected option to highlight the selected field.

My on selection if firing and it is returning the value in the text below but the selected field remains unstyled any advice?

I tried setting the selected field to both the value and the label and indeed the object itself.

Also i have bound all the functions in the contructor to “this”

   this.setState({selectedOption: option})

  renderOption(option, selected, onSelect, index){
    const style = selected ? { fontWeight: 'bold'} : {};
    return (
      <TouchableWithoutFeedback onPress={onSelect} key={index}>
        <Text style={style}>{option}</Text>

    return <View>{optionNodes}</View>;

 const options = [
    label: 'Walking',
    value: 'walking'
    label: 'Driving',
    value: 'driving'

     return (
          options={ options }
          onSelection={ (option) => this.setSelectedOption(option) }
          extractText={ (option) => option.label }



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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

SpaceK33zcommented, Feb 13, 2017

I had the same issue as you. In the source code I found this undocumented prop, testOptionEqual. It seems to check for strict equality by default. This wouldn’t work in my use case, so I changed it to something like this:

  options={[{ label: 'mylabel', value: 'myvalue' }]}
  testOptionEqual={(selectedValue, option) => selectedValue === option.value}

And now I can just pass values of the options in selectedOption 😃.

andreecostacommented, Aug 28, 2017

@hosusan6 @SpaceK33z are you able to change the option after using testOptionEqual={(selectedValue, option) => selectedValue === option.value}?

After using that, the UI won’t update when changing option.

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