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Hi, last year I used MrAdvice.Fody (v 1.2.7) in a Xamarin Project (iOS and Droid both) without problems. I just started another project (with a PCL and an iOS projects) and I noticed that MrAdvice.Fody is deprecated. (C# 4.5) So, I tried include new suggested nuget MrAdvice.

In iOS project Xamarin Studio correctly added Package and Reference but, at compile time, I have this problem:

/Users/MyUser/Documents/git_xamarin/MyProject/packages/MrAdvice.2.4.5/build/MrAdvice.targets: Error: Internal error: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'MrAdvice, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c0e7e6eab6f293d8' or one of its dependencies File name: 'MrAdvice, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c0e7e6eab6f293d8' at System.AppDomain.Load (System.String assemblyString, System.Security.Policy.Evidence assemblySecurity, System.Boolean refonly) [0x0003d] in <8f2c484307284b51944a1a13a14c0266>:0 at System.AppDomain.Load (System.String assemblyString) [0x00000] in <8f2c484307284b51944a1a13a14c0266>:0 at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) System.AppDomain:Load (string) at System.Reflection.Assembly.Load (System.String assemblyString) [0x00005] in <8f2c484307284b51944a1a13a14c0266>:0 at ArxOne.MrAdvice.MrAdviceStitcher.Process (StitcherBoy.Weaving.Build.AssemblyStitcherContext context) [0x000e6] in <24a35298ea264200b2cfa6723955cb10>:0 (MyProject.iOS)

schermata 2017-03-09 alle 11 46 44

I tried rename “net40-client” folder into net45-client" for test and Error disappeared but aspect doesn’t work.

Any ideas? Many Thanks

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  • Created 7 years ago
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emmanuele-villacommented, Jul 26, 2017

I found about that problem on xamarin where you use an unsupported pdb format here, but after changing the DebugType to “full” as stated here, the error doesn’t change… The same error happens in release mode, so how is it related to the debug modes? Maybe we are talking about two different things with the same name? The only pdb reference that I found in xamarin projects is that one…

EDIT: dnlib updated his library to match the serializable constructor

picrapcommented, Apr 26, 2021

Hi everyone here, there has been a major rewrite of Mr Advice weaver, and I would like to close this issue, if no one is against.

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