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Problem with IocManager and Test Project

See original GitHub issue

I am using Test project generated by MVC Asp Net Core (Full Standard) template.

My LocalIocManager has more then 1000 registered components.

This property (LocalIocManager) is defined on AbpIntegratedTestBase<TStartupModule>.

I changed UserAppService and i need some another component that is registered on LocalIocManager.

When i run a unit test like:

public async Task GetUsers_Test()
    var _userAppService = Resolve<IUserAppService>();

    // Act
    var output = await _userAppService.GetAll(new PagedResultRequestDto
        MaxResultCount = 20,
        SkipCount = 0

    // Assert

The method “Resolve” call resolve form LocalIocManager and _userAppService is created but IocManager property inside _userAppService is created empty, without registered components.

I need that the IocManager property create inside _userAppService be the same as LocalIocManager with all registered components.

Somebody Helps?


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  • Created 5 years ago
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vitorlacerdacommented, Sep 15, 2018

acjh, thanks for your help!

I’ve created a template and checked that Property Injection is working !!. I found the problem in my project, it’s dependency on compiled assembly (Module) using “IocManager.Instance”. Now, with property injection, I can move on with my tests! I’ll refactor to use Constructor Injection as soon as I find the time

acjhcommented, Sep 10, 2018

A clean fork of aspnetboilerplate/module-zero-core-template would be good.

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