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SetGrantedPermissionsAsync of RoleManager not set all permission to given role.

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I have a multitenant environment, but not have Tenant admin (all tenant have single users StaticRoleNames.Tenants.User ), just use Tenant for isolation. I have 20 permissions set for StaticRoleDefinition (StaticRoleNames.Tenants.User), but when i set all these permissions on tenant creation only 11 are set, i can’t find the reason. Here is what i’m doing.

using (_unitOfWorkManager.Current.SetTenantId(tenant.Id))
                    //Create static roles for new tenant (Tenant->User Role)
                    CheckErrors(await _roleManager.CreateStaticRoles(tenant.Id));
                    await _unitOfWorkManager.Current.SaveChangesAsync(); //To get static role ids
                    //Tenant static role is the one that contain permissions
                    var staticRole = _roleManager.RoleManagementConfig.StaticRoles.Single(x => x.RoleName == StaticRoleNames.Tenants.User 
                                                                                               && x.Side == MultiTenancySides.Tenant);
                    //Get permissions from Tenant
                    var permissions = new List<Permission>();

                    foreach (var permission in staticRole.GrantedPermissions)

                    //Get the admin role 
                    var providerRole = _roleManager.Roles.Single(r => r.Name == StaticRoleNames.Tenants.User);
                    //Grant selected permission to role
                    await _roleManager.SetGrantedPermissionsAsync(providerRole, permissions);
                    // When SetGrantedPermissionsAsync return providerRole has 11 permissions set, and permissions.Count() is 20
                    await _unitOfWorkManager.Current.SaveChangesAsync();

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:11 (4 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

osalas891123commented, Apr 1, 2019

@maliming, Solved. Just wrapping GetGrantedPermissions on.

using(AbpSession.Set(tenantId, null)){

Solve my issue.

osalas891123commented, Apr 1, 2019

@maliming i already find the cause what i can’t get tenant only permission from a Host even, when all the queries are under _unitOfWork.Current.SetTenant(x), where x is not null. The root is on PermissionManager, GetAllPermission, where the AbpSession is always HOST, but the method is not virtual, There is any tip for When GetAllPermission get this line AbpSession.MultiTenancySide is Tenant?

.WhereIf(tenancyFilter, p => p.MultiTenancySides.HasFlag(**AbpSession.MultiTenancySide**))
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