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GetVarAction Timeout

See original GitHub issue


I successfully used this lib (but earlier version maybe 2 years old version) with Asterisk 1.2, 1.6. But after updating lib now (master branch) - i get timeout for GetVarAction for all version of Asterisk (1.6, 13, 15) and ami (1.3, 2.10, 4.0).

This code:

method(DialEvent e)
ManagerResponse responseSrc;
String valueSrc = " ";
try {
    GetVarAction getVarActioneSrc = new GetVarAction(e.Channel, "CALLERID(num)");
    responseSrc = asteriskManagerConnection.SendAction(getVarActioneSrc, 8000);
    if (responseSrc.IsSuccess())
        valueSrc = responseSrc.GetAttribute("Value");
} catch (Exception ex){
     valueSrc = e.CallerIdName;

After executing command SendAction I got ex = {“Timeout waiting for response to GetVar”}" (System.Collections.ListListDictionaryInternal type)

I checked GetVarAction with “CALLERID(all)”, “UNIQUEID” and another Variable, which work fine in telnet - same result.

RedirectAction, HangupAction, OriginateAction - work fine.

This is debug. I got exception and check the same command in telnet - success: 2017-11-28 13 53 54

2017-11-28 16 27 12

What can it may?

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:10

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

BuilovAlexeycommented, Jul 17, 2018

I do not know, you tell me 😃 The bug was reproduced in November 2017. Did you fix it in new commits? Did you check it?

Deantwocommented, Aug 6, 2018

@BuilovAlexey, did you want to help solve this issue? At least tell us which version you downgraded to so we know when it broke?

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