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Unable to connect on PostgreSQL via pgbouncer.

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Hi, I’m trying to connect commafeed on postgresql via pgbouncer but I’m getting this error in pgbouncer

2014-03-10 21:13:59.385 5773 WARNING C-0x1be8bb0: (nodb)/(nouser)@ unsupported startup parameter: extra_float_digits=2
2014-03-10 21:13:59.385 5773 LOG C-0x1be8bb0: (nodb)/(nouser)@ closing because: Unsupported startup parameter: extra_float_digits (age=0)
2014-03-10 21:13:59.385 5773 WARNING C-0x1be8bb0: (nodb)/(nouser)@ Pooler Error: Unsupported startup parameter: extra_float_digits

Commafeeds logs show this :

My database configuration file is like this:

        <Resource id="PostgreSQL" type="DataSource">
                JdbcDriver org.postgresql.Driver
        JdbcUrl jdbc:postgresql://localhost:6432/commafeed
                UserName xxxxxxxxxxxxx
                Password xxxxxxxxxxxx
                MaxActive 5

This configuration file is working fine when I’m directly connect to PostgreSQL.

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  • Created 10 years ago
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isapircommented, Jan 7, 2016

So to save the next guy from clicking the link above, the “fix” is to add this to the config.ini under the [pgbouncer] section:

ignore_startup_parameters = extra_float_digits
JosDeGraevecommented, Apr 17, 2018

To save the next next guy some more clicks:

There are few parameters that pgbouncer can keep track of. Like client_encoding. Because postgres reports back chenges of that parameter. The ‘extra_float_digits’ is not one of them. Thus, in transaction pooling mode, there is no way to give consistent picture of that parameter to clients.

Giving hard-error instead of ignoring by default is delierate, so admin can decide if the parameter is actually important for application logic. If it is then you should make if default from postgres config.

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