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flake8 is installed via my package manager (pacman) and is in my path

me@there ~/ % which flake8                                           

But linter-flake8 tells me

Failed to spawn command /usr/bin/flake8. Make sure /usr/bin/flake8 is installed and on your PATH

I already set the executable Directory in ~/.atom/config.cson. Atom tells me

/usr/share/atom/resources/app/src/buffered-process.js:104 Uncaught BufferedProcessError: Failed to spawn command `/usr/bin/flake8`. Make sure `/usr/bin/flake8` is installed and on your PATH

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  • Created 9 years ago
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makeworld-the-better-onecommented, May 19, 2017

I had this problem, except I couldn’t find flake8 in my /usr/bin When you install packages from pip that also install command line tools, you must use sudo -H. Uninstall flake8, and then install it again: sudo -H pip install flake8 . Use pip3 for python3.

badraycommented, Mar 11, 2015

@max-orhai ok 😃, I think we are close to it. How looks like your Atom init script? To open it, select from menu Atom->Open Your Init Script

Does it looks like this?

process.env.PATH = ['/usr/local/bin/', process.env.PATH].join(':')

So @max-orhai @ScreenDriver @sadovnychyi please post yor init file, or just tell if adding ‘/usr/local/bin’ to nodejs paths did the trick.

EDIT: Im just sure this is it, I just found people that encounter same bug with different linters. It looks like Atom does not have access to $PATH variables - more info:

EDIT2: And here to the core…

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