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Uncaught Error: spawn EACCES

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Atom Version: 1.0.4 System: "Funtoo Linux Thrown From: linter-flake8 package, v1.6.0

Stack Trace

Uncaught Error: spawn EACCES

At /usr/share/atom/resources/app.asar/src/buffered-process.js:260

Error: spawn EACCES
  at exports._errnoException (util.js:734:11)
  at ChildProcess.spawn (child_process.js:1145:11)
  at Object.exports.spawn (child_process.js:977:9)
  at BufferedProcess.module.exports.BufferedProcess.spawn (/usr/share/atom/resources/app.asar/src/buffered-process.js:188:44)
  at new BufferedProcess (/usr/share/atom/resources/app.asar/src/buffered-process.js:52:14)
  at /home/arkhan/.atom/packages/linter-flake8/node_modules/atom-linter/lib/
  at Object.module.exports.Helpers._exec (/home/arkhan/.atom/packages/linter-flake8/node_modules/atom-linter/lib/
  at Object.module.exports.Helpers.exec (/home/arkhan/.atom/packages/linter-flake8/node_modules/atom-linter/lib/
  at Object.provider.lint (/home/arkhan/.atom/packages/linter-flake8/lib/
  at Promise.then._this.emitter.emit.linter (/home/arkhan/.atom/packages/linter/lib/
  at LinterRegistry.triggerLinter (/home/arkhan/.atom/packages/linter/lib/
  at /home/arkhan/.atom/packages/linter/lib/
  at (native)
  at /home/arkhan/.atom/packages/linter/lib/


     -0:20.2.0 editor:newline (
     -0:19.4.0 core:backspace (
  2x -0:19 editor:newline (
  7x -0:14.1.0 core:move-left (
     -0:12 core:backspace (
  6x -0:11.6.0 core:move-right (
  8x -0:10.6.0 core:select-left (
     -0:09.6.0 core:backspace (
  2x -0:09.1.0 core:move-up (
     -0:08.5.0 editor:newline (
     -0:08.2.0 core:move-up (
     -0:03.1.0 autocomplete-plus:confirm (
  3x -0:02.3.0 core:move-down (
     -0:00.9.0 core:save (


  "core": {
    "autoHideMenuBar": true
  "linter-flake8": {
    "executablePath": "/usr/bin/"

Installed Packages

# User
autocomplete-plus-python-jedi, v0.3.6
linter, v1.3.1
linter-flake8, v1.6.0
minimap, v4.12.2
odoo-snippets, v0.1.0
project-manager, v1.15.11
python-isort, v0.0.7

# Dev
No dev packages

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 8 years ago
  • Comments:9 (8 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Arcanemaguscommented, Aug 6, 2015

Actually it looks like you have configured an executablePath, but specified a directory instead of the full path to the flake8 executable. Please specify the full path to flake8 (eg: /usr/bin/flake8) in there and this should be fixed.

badraycommented, Aug 7, 2015

Just like @Arcanemagus @arkhan please run in terminal $ which flake8 and place output to executablePath setting.

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