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Allow for directly entering otpauth:// URIs

See original GitHub issue

Describe the feature you want:

A common method of entering authentication codes is via the use of otpauth:// URIs in the form:


Basically, the contents of the scanned QR codes. I would like to be able to enter them directly.

Why do you want this feature in Authenticator?

Some authenticator tools don’t make it easy to import/export a list of secrets from them, (looking at you Authy), and allowing the most common methods would increase the flexibility and usability of your tool.

In the Authy case, a common export method is to do a manual dump from the Chrome devtools (see this gist for details), which generates a bunch of URIs as described above. I could generate QR codes directly, but I’m on a desktop and can’t easily import them back into this extension.

As an aside, you could also allow the extension to register a protocol handler for otpauth:// URIs so if a site offers them, the user could just click on them to import them into the app.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mymindstormcommented, Feb 22, 2019

#286 will allow for adding otpauth URIs via the import page (file & text entry). @AfroThundr3007730 @johanberonius is this good enough for ya’ll?

mymindstormcommented, Mar 23, 2019

5.3.0 has support and is rolling out. The import backup page (file or text) will accept a list of otpauth URIs seperated by newlines.

@AfroThundr3007730 digits support is being tracked at #287, manual entry improvements at #304

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