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Feature request: Test suite/linter

See original GitHub issue
  • docs/assets/charts.js is pretty big and as I look to contribute to the project, I would like to ensure I’m not breaking anything in there.
  • adding a set of explicit JS linter rules for charts.js would be nice. I mentioned this for selfish reasons as my IDE currently looks like a red underline mess of spaghetti due to this project’s preference for tabs 😜

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  • Created 6 years ago
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larsxschneidercommented, Dec 13, 2017

Great write-up! I would love to see node.js + recommended JS testrunner/linter + Travis CI land in Hubble 👍 ! A test framework should have been in there from the start but we had to rush things a bit to get Hubble out of the door for GitHub Universe 😄

If we have TravisCI running then we will for sure add a Python test framework, too.

PS: In the jsonschema2md project you linked I saw commits by @trieloff! I think he went to the same school as @pluehne and I (HPI). Small world 😊 !

filmajcommented, Dec 13, 2017

Wow, small world indeed! 👋 @trieloff

Cool, I will take a stab at going the node.js route and send a PR for that for review. I think I will break the work up into two phases:

  1. Add some JS tests, test runner, linter, run tasks and docs on how to run the tests for the web app / JS portion of Hubble.
  2. Once that lands / is acceptable, we can talk about and make progress on running all of that in Travis and reporting feedback to PRs - with an eye toward also supporting running Python tests in the future (I found a good StackOverflow question covering the topic of running tests in multiple runtimes that I will use as inspiration, I think).
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