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MongoError: Topology is closed, please connect

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Hi, I am receiving this error when inserting a documentMongoError: Topology is closed, please connect

This is my code

const monk = require('monk')
const url = 'mongodb+srv://';
const db = monk(url);
const lar = db.get('listingsAndReviews')

lar.insert({name: "Lovely Loft", summary: "A charming loft in Paris", bedrooms: 1, bathrooms: 1})

// db.then(() => {
//   console.log('Connected correctly to server') //this works
// }).catch((error) =>{
//   console.log(error);
// })

What have I done wrong?

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  • Created 4 years ago
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  • Comments:13

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Yossitrxcommented, Feb 26, 2021

Getting the same thing when trying to preform:"/bitChange", async (req, res) => {
  const mongoClient = await client.connect();
  const dbo = mongoClient.db("leads_db");
  try {
    await dbo
        { name: "bit" },
        { $set: { change: req.body.change } },
        function (error, record) {
          if (error) throw error;
  } catch (e) {
    throw Error(e);
  } finally {
gh-andrecommented, Mar 25, 2021

MongoClient.close returns a promise and needs to be waited on to work without errors or warnings. A new instance of MongoClient needs to be allocated either via static MongoClient.connect or via instance connect, like this.

async function insertOne(doc: any) : Promise<void>
  let client: MongoClient | undefined;

  try {
    client = await MongoClient.connect(uri, {
                          useNewUrlParser: true,
                          useUnifiedTopology: true

    // OR
    client = new MongoClient(uri, {
                          useNewUrlParser: true,
                          useUnifiedTopology: true
    await client = client.connect();

    const col = client.db("mydb").collection("mycol");

    await col.insertOne(doc);
  finally {
      await client.close();
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