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Project Issue: Tracks Implementation

See original GitHub issue


Implement analytics using Tracks in the app. See for the iOS work on this.



Add Analytics

Predefined Events @ashiagr (

  • plus_has_subscription: Whether the user has a plus subscription
  • plus_has_lifetime: if they’re a lifetime plus member
  • plus_subscription_type: Their subscription type: none, plus, or supporter
  • plus_subscription_platform: The platform they subscribed to plus on: none, ios, android, web, gift
  • plus_subscription_frequency: Their renewal frequency: none, monthly, yearly

is_rtl_language is not required to be added as it is already added by the TracksClient as device_info_is_rtl_language.

App Lifecycle Events @ashiagr (

  • application_installed: When a user launch the app for the very first time
  • application_opened: When a user launches or foregrounds the app after the first open
  • application_updated: When the app launches for the first time after installing a new version
  • application_closed: When the the app is put into the background

User lifecycle events @mchowning (

  • user_signed_in: When the user successfully signs into the app using existing credentials
  • user_signin_failed: When the user fails to login
  • user_signed_out: When the user is signed out of the app
  • user_account_deleted: When the user taps the delete account button/link and successfully deletes their account
  • user_email_updated: When the user successfully changes their email
  • user_password_updated: When the user successfully changes their password
  • user_password_reset: When the user successfully resets their password using the forgot password form
  • user_account_created
  • user_account_creation_failed

Newsletter @ashiagr (

  • newsletter_optin_changed: When the user changes their newsletter opt in status. enabled: [true, false], source: [account_updated, profile]

Setup Account View Events @ashiagr (

  • setup_account_shown: When the user is presented with whether they would like to create an account or sign in
  • setup_account_button_tapped: When the user taps one of the buttons (create account, sign in)
  • setup_account_dismissed: If the user taps the X button to dismiss the view

Sign in View Events @ashiagr (

  • signin_shown: When the sign in view is displayed
  • signin_dismissed: When the sign in view is dismissed

Forgot Password View Events @ashiagr (

  • forgot_password_shown: When the sign in view is displayed
  • forgot_password_dismissed: When the sign in view is dismissed

Select Account Type @ashiagr (

  • select_account_type_shown: When the select account type is displayed
  • select_account_type_button_tapped: When the next button is tapped, and which select the user made (regular, plus)

Create Account @ashiagr (

  • create_account_shown: When the create account view is displayed
  • create_account_dismissed: When the create account view is dismissed

Account Updated View: A view that is displayed after creating an account, changing the email, password is changed, or after purchasing a plan @ashiagr (

  • account_updated_shown: When the account created/updated view is displayed. source: [create_account, email_change, password_change, confirm_payment]
  • account_updated_dismissed: When the account created/updated view is dismissed

Terms of Use @ashiagr (

  • terms_of_use_shown: The TOS view is displayed
  • terms_of_use_accepted: The user has tapped the I agree button
  • terms_of_use_rejected: The user has tapped No thanks button
  • terms_of_use_dismissed : The TOS view is dismissed

Select Payment Frequency @ashiagr (

  • select_payment_frequency_shown: The payment frequency view is displayed
  • select_payment_frequency_dismissed: The payment frequency view is dismissed
  • select_payment_frequency_next_button_tapped: The next button is tapped. product: [monthly, yearly]

Confirm Payment @ashiagr (

  • confirm_payment_shown: product: [monthly, yearly]
  • confirm_payment_dismissed: The confirm payment view is dismissed
  • confirm_payment_confirm_button_tapped: The confirm button is tapped

Purchase @mchowning (

  • purchase_failed: An in app purchase has failed. error_code
  • purchase_cancelled: An in app purchase was cancelled by the user, or timed out when purchasing: error_code
  • purchase_successful: An in app purchase is successful. product: [monthly, yearly] is_free_trial: [true, false]

Podcasts Tab

  • podcasts_list_shown: The view is displayed to the user
  • podcasts_list_folder_button_tapped: The “create folder” icon is tapped
  • podcasts_list_podcast_tapped: A podcast is tapped
  • podcasts_list_folder_tapped: A folder is tapped
  • podcasts_list_ellipsis_button_tapped: The ellipsis button is tapped
  • podcasts_list_reordered: When the grid of podcasts is reordered by the user

Account Screen (

  • account_details_show_tos: Taps on Terms of Use (see comment)
  • account_details_show_privacy_policy: Taps on privacy Policy (see comment)


Issue Analytics

  • State:open
  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:7 (7 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mchowningcommented, Aug 26, 2022

I added a checklist item to Add flag to turn off tracks in debug builds because I assumed we wouldn’t want our development work always getting sent off to Tracks. Let me know if you think that we should keep them on for debug builds.

mchowningcommented, Aug 26, 2022

I removed the item for adding a checklist item for adding analytics to the PR template because I think that would be awkward for any open source contributors. Certainly open to adding it back if others disagree though.

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