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When I click the submit button, how do I trigger the error returned by the backend API to be displayed in the error message?

See original GitHub issue
  handleSubmit(event, errors, values) {
    //console.log(event, errors, values);

  validate(value, ctx, input, cb){
                      <AvField name="username" label="手机号 / 邮箱" type="text" errorMessage={this.props.user.errors[0]} validate={{async: this.validate}} />

                      <AvField name="password" label="密码" type="text" errorMessage={this.props.user.errors[0]} validate={{async: this.validate}} />
                      <div className="row">
                        <div className="col-sm-8">
                          <AvField name="captcha_code" label="验证码" type="text" errorMessage={this.props.user.errors[0]} validate={{async: this.validate}} />
                        <div className="col-sm-4">
                            src={ this.props.user.captcha_image }
                            onClick={ () => this.props.reCaptcha() }
                      <div className="d-flex justify-content-between align-items-center">
                        <NavLink to={`/forgot-password`}>

How do I trigger an error returned by the backend API to display in the error message when I click the Submit button? Instead of triggering an API request when the input box loses focus. Because my verification code has been deleted when the request is successful, click the button verification code error

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  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:6

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sgruenholz11commented, Mar 4, 2020

I’m a little late to the party here, but hope this helps someone:

I had the same problem. In my server response (after submitting the form) I’m passing back a list of error messages and saving them to local state. Similar to @noecs I set up a custom validation rule to check if an error message exists for a field in local state.

The missing piece was I needed a way to force trigger the form fields to run validation again AFTER I get the response back from the server.

You can do this with by creating a ref on the form. this.form = React.createRef();

Then in your response callback you can trigger a revalidation and update using this.form.current.validateAll(values, true);


class ServerValidationExample extends Component {
    constructor(props) {

        this.state = {
            values: {},
            errors: [],
            serverErrors: {},

        this.form = React.createRef();
        this.handleValidSubmit = this.handleValidSubmit.bind(this);
        this.handleInvalidSubmit = this.handleInvalidSubmit.bind(this);
        this.handleServerSubmit = this.handleServerSubmit.bind(this);
        this.serverValidate = this.serverValidate.bind(this);

    handleInvalidSubmit(event, errors, values) {
        this.setState({ errors, values });

    handleValidSubmit(event, values) {
        this.setState({ values });

        // client-side validation passed, 
        // OK to make server request

    handleServerSubmit() {
        const { values } = this.state;

            response => {
                // where the server response data contains
                // success: bool, 
                // message: string, 
                // errors: obj like { 'name': 'No nicknames!' }

                const { success, message, errors } =;

                if (success) {
                    // success case, do whatever...

                    this.setState({ serverErrors: {} });

                } else {
                    // failure case.

                    // set serverErrors state, then force
                    // all the form fields to re-validate to update the UI.
                    this.setState({ serverErrors: errors }, () => {
                        if (this.form.current) {
                            this.form.current.validateAll(values, true);

    // special validation rule to check against any
    // serverErrors that may exist for this field.
    serverValidate(value, context, input, callback) {
        let serverError = this.state.serverErrors[];
        if (typeof serverError == "undefined") serverError = true;

    render() {
        return (
                    label="What is your name?"
                        required: {
                            value: true,
                            errorMessage: "Please enter your name"
                        server: this.serverValidate
                <Button color="primary">Submit</Button>
noecscommented, Dec 3, 2018

Oh, my god. I just went to the documentation of the reactstrap and found that it was so simple. The original want to trigger an error is the mechanism of reactstarp. Just give the invalid parameter to the avinput component, boolean

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