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PropTypes is deprecated in React 15.5

See original GitHub issue

I was fiddling around upgrading my React project’s packages to their latest versions, including React itself, and as I finished the process and ran npm start, I’ve got the following warning on the console:

captura de tela 2017-04-14 as 18 04 30

As you can see, the warning is being generated by this component. So I just wanted to let you guys know about this issue.


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  • Created 6 years ago
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TheSharpieOnecommented, Apr 17, 2017

@caiorg the deprecations have been resolved. Since it was more of an internal/chore type of change, a patch semvar version has been release (0.2.5 -> 0.2.6) It doesn’t a breaking the existing API exposed by this library… that being said, some other libraries and people are experiencing issues with running on version prior to react 15.5 due to how react and prop-types work…

@edward93, as for your issue, LoginComponent is the only thing mentioned. Please create a new issue and provide a code example of your issue.

edward93commented, Apr 20, 2017

@TheSharpieOne Hi sorry for late response. I didn’t have time to look at the comments. Unfortunately I created my own component for that matter and I’m not using this specific one but I will try to test it again and tell you the results if it fails I will open new issue and will share some basic code.

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